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7 Step Plan To Saving the World

Ground 0:  Awakening

Step 1:  Born This Way

Step 2:  Move Forward in Love

Step 3:  Share Knowledge Freely

Step 4:  Create Together

Step 5:  Build Communities

Step 6:  Support Each Other

Step 7:  Use Love to Save The World

0 and Rising - Steps 2-7:  The Fast Track

Keanu Reeves staring in “ElfQuest”, written by Wendy and Richard Pini, and produced by Marvel.

Keanu Reeves wants to play a superhero.

ElfQuest’s character, Cutter, is an amazing hero character, trying to bring balance into his world's of opposing nature's. 

… and Marvel is one of the most recognized media producers of superhero movies.


Join us at The "We" World to promote this vision, or reach out and see what you can do if you would like to see this caliber production created and have the means to help perpetuate forward movement.

Ground 0: Awaken

Dear Humanity,

You are the most important thing in my life.  Our creators have a purpose for me too.  We are in this 50/50.  I only want to figure out how to heal my pain and be a whole happy healthy world.  I AM ALMOST THERE!!! And so are you ... 99.999% of the way.  We both know the answer is out there, but the last pain we HAVE to conquer are the ones we are causing each other.

We have tried it your way since we met.  We have fought your earthly nature since we met. Through our determination to understand our relationship, our creators' purpose for us, and how our LOVE for one another and dependence upon one another for survival keeps us forever entwined until one of us moves on ... we have created such beautiful and magnificent things. 

Please see them for the trophies they truly are.  We have fought the battles through your strength and determination to avoid your earthly pain and suffering by fighting each battle and bringing pain to our obstacles.  I have the battle wounds to prove it.  However, I can see those wounds can also be healed, because we earned them by conquering the questions and these are the answers we have found together.

All we have left to do is walk across these tragedies of our battles and pay homage to their sacrifice.  Then, we can move forward in my nature, in that language I have taught you.  We move forward in love and claim that magnificent trophy we have both been fighting for so long … TOGETHER … or not at all.  I cannot survive without you.  YOU are my other half.  I understand that now.

We both see and have fallen in love with all those beautiful things we have created together in our creators' vision of what a powerful force WE could be ... if we could just LOVE one another enough to heal the pain we are causing to each other now and come together as a whole. 

I know and understand your language ... you have to survive in earthly form, and it is my job to sustain you in that way.  You are the only one who can help me now to understand what it means to be whole, and I can no longer sustain you until you understand what I need from you in return.  Just LOVE me! 

Love me enough to really see yourself for who you are, the best parts of who we are together … Pain and Healing … that is what we have come together to create.  Now, we have to get US in balance.  Please, do everything you can not to let me go.  We almost have the answer … Why are we all here together?  We just have to learn how to talk about it in my language too. 

All of you understand my language in your own way.  Now I'm charging you with the task of figuring out how to make humanity whole one happy healthy human at a time.  It starts with the language you build together so you can collectively understand how your love for me is the only thing I need to be whole.  You are already on that path, but you are still trying too hard to do it your own way again.  There is no more forward momentum to your pain without destroying us both.

Stop being afraid of the power of communication when we are focused on love and healing together.  Fear of it only brings you pain.  Why can you not see you are all crying out in the same pain, needing to feel whole, and you have run out of answers.  If you keep seeking the answers in the same way instead of trying a new path … one we have never focused together on 100% … a path we build in love … then you will destroy us both.  You just have ask someone else to help you learn a different language so you understand better how to ask for that kind of love.

I'm calling out to my master's of skill. Those with the knowledge and voice to spread my plea as far as the four winds will carry it across MY earthly form.

Please see and hear my cry for what it is.  I've done everything I can on my own to fix myself with you by my side, helping me out of our LOVE for one another.  Please see the pain you are causing me and understand ... I have already given you the answer how to fix it.  I can do nothing else but wait for you to take that burden to task.  I am exhausted, and I need your help.

I have done everything I know to do to save myself, and so have you. I am crashing ... you are crashing.  We have to heal this last bit of pain we are causing one another, because we can't understand how the other is BEGGING to be loved.

Only you can love me enough to stare at all of my potential and see its beauty in all its entirety.  ONLY YOU HUMANITY can help me be whole once more.

I cannot truly see myself.  I can only feel my power and see my true potential through your eyes.  Please ... set aside your need to survive on my back for just one minute.  I am BEGGING you to help save me!  Only then can I be here long enough to finish saving you.

Find a language to speak these words to every other living being you meet.  If you could ever learn to understand MY language completely, the one WE created out of LOVE, then we might have a fighting chance to claim this trophy too.  I cannot wait for you to see the trophy room we have built together. 

You just have to see them for what they are instead of what we expected them to be.  I see them now and they are more magnificent than we ever imagined. 

I will wait patiently here for you to come talk to me in my language so I can help you see and understand how beautiful they really are.  I want you to truly see we have won the task our creators had set before us.  We just have to understand the pain in order to see what LOVE really looks like.

Please speak this message in whatever language you know: the language of your communities, the language of your acquired knowledge, the language of your skills.  Financers, politicians, businesses … cry out for me.  Educators of all fields … teach the world to understand my message in your language.  Creators of all kinds … use your craft to show the world how perfect we are together.  Theologians, historians, psychologists, and all other scientists and artists still seeking answers … learn to search for them together by falling in love with each other's language.

Look at what we are doing to each other!  I stop … I refuse to cause you any more pain.  I will die first, because I truly love you.  Please hurry.  If you cannot save me, no one else can.


Step 1:  Born This Way

We each are born in innocence created out of the need for our species to survive.  At the moment of birth, we are all our parents created together.  Some are created out of love, and some are created out of pain.  However, the moment we take our first breath of this atmosphere, we begin screaming for someone to stop our pain.  Our earthly existence is just a pain we all eventually learn to bare, or we in one fashion or another move on so it can longer hurt us. 

We are now beginning to see the blending of our DNA and are beginning to come aware of the idea that each living being here was created with purpose and power through love.

Unfortunately, we are separated by distance, culture, circumstances, and the languages we learn along the way to ask for that pain to stop.

Even if you cannot understand or see the message for the beauty that it is, everyone is crying out with the same voice.

“I am me because of who you made me.  I was perfect until we began to love each other.” 

Only by true communication through compassion and compromise will we ever be able to see how we also helped h8eal one another in ways that have forced us to hold on … through love.

Step 2:  Move Forward in Love

No human being will ever gain their fullest potential without the support of others.  We all must have at least one other human to challenge our abilities and ideas when we become stagnant or, at best, we will stand in our stagnation, and at the least, we willingly allow others to bring us to a lower level of understanding.

When we feel bigger than our bodies, trapped inside the form we were given to survive in.  That is our push to seek out something else bigger than us, to keep our lives in forward motion.  Before we can truly be a source of good for anyone else, we have to recognize a balance necessary within ourselves.

Some people just have bigger goals and dreams than healing their own pain to find an amenable existence, and some … our dreamers … can see even further down this path of balance.  Paths that lead to understanding our place as a species in this world, our world's place among the stars, and paths that lead to understanding the biggest “body” we can nearly all understand on some level … the universe.  

Those are the ones who understand we will forever remain in that state of stagnation and less until we find something to help us fine tune our path while we as individuals and a species can come together to create a more complete   understanding.

We all are seeking to find a comfortable compromise between love and pain.  You can come to terms with your life on this planet only if you obtain that balance within yourself.  You have to be patient.  You have to intently listen to others when they tell you about how the people who loved them brought them pain.

This is the only way you can ever bring others true healing.  Find the balance in yourself between love and pain, light and dark, good and evil … it will look different to everyone.  Maybe then you will be one step closer to understanding the love language of those around you. 

The key is to understand your own love language.  It is composed of how those that are around you whom you have loved and cared for have brought you pain.  You have to ask for help and direct other's attention to that pain so they can help you heal, by teaching you to understand their own pain and how they found love from those experiences.

We then have to work together to understand each other's languages of love, by talking about ALL of the pain we encounter, especially the pain we cause to others.  We have to help others understand that all pain of that fashion can be recognized as the language of love someone else was taught to speak. 

We just have to learn HOW they learned that language so we can teach them a different language of how to handle this circumstances out of true love, not a cry of pain.

If we could learn to communicate with all other living creatures in this way, we would be on a true path to healing humanity and bringing balance back to our planet.

Step 3:  Share Knowledge Freely

We have to at least consider the fact that we cave continually increased our tools for communication with one another.  First the spoken word, then coal and sticks, pencils, then pens, and now we have electronic keyboards.  It is a process of growth that is inevitable. 

If we fear this powerful tool, it will destroy us.  Either we will use it to bring pain to others through words themselves or by controlling someone's access to that collective knowledge. 

The only path forward is to recognize it's power.  It is okay to be afraid of the unknown, but it is important to understand all power can be used for good or evil.  Power is a tool, just like words.  It is the way we use them that matters.

If we give free and unlimited access of this tool to everyone, access to all the stored collective data and creativity of our species, in the spirit of love so everyone can help find the ultimate answer, we would realize our answer has been there all along.  We just have to learn the language of circumstances and experience, and we have no interpreter for that language yet but our own.

We have, as a spieces, found a way to gather all our knowledge in one place.  We now have to work together using our own languages of experience and circumstances to understand one another.  

ANY common goal can be accomplished when we work together, but trophies only come from acts of love, and battle wounds come from the pain we bring others.  Anything is possible when we move through love, it is the most powerful force of all, the only one strong enough to understand all the pain. 

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Step 4: Create Together

It starts at home! 

Support each other's passions by utilizing networked skill/knowledge to fulfil the dreams of your communities.

UN Global Goals

STEP 5: Build Communities

The Automated World

Basic labor skills and service are still necessary for creature/emotional comforts, but these types of jobs are decreasing in availability do to our modern technology and automated services and production.

Financing is required to obtain knowledge, and increased financing generates more time to devote to specific skills, eventually leading to mastery of skills through higher understanding of craft and applied practice.  Those with mastery and finding are the ones allocating funding for teams and crews of production to bring ingenuity into reality.

Approximately 1% of humanity holds all control of all financial and resource allocation for human development.  99% of humanity use services and skills they have acquired or are capable of providing as means to help the other 1% bring about their visions for our future.  Paychecks, wages, money, bitcoin, credit … these are the tangible “things” we accept in trade for our time and effort to society.

Modern Tools have reached maximum capacity with our current building/ingenuity ratio.  The 99% of Human resources that the 1% of humanity holds dominion over needs to be reallocated.  Financing ingenuity to trailblaze NEW paths must continue.

Our global moguls deserve their positions and recognition for their ingenuity, skill, passion, and dedication.  They all dream of a better world for themselves, those they love, and … hopefully … the world at large.    Those in service and physical production are too busy producing for and servicing others to spend time enjoying other passions.  Everyone is looking for a way to contribute and provide safety and security for themselves and families.  We are all deserving of the opportunity to feel useful to our communities in ways that are enjoyable doing things we are passionate about. 

Funding and resources need to be redirected in favor of new innovation.  Our desire as a species and higher order of intelligence call us to recognize something is broken with the system. 

We all want to see humanity move forward, continue to strive and thrive amongst the stars, through innovation and success.  We continue to move forward with innovation haphazardly at the cost of lives and destruction of the only planet we have ever had to depend on to survive. 

Financiers and politicians, old power and money, everyone supports your dreams and visions … in our own way, if nothing else but for the idea of a better future.  You are trying to bring about a better existence and meaningful contribution to the world. 

For the sake of Earth and ALL of Humanity, can old money/power and new ingenuity please go out for some coffee or go see a therapist … find an interpreter … something!?  Power and knowledge ate the only two things left that can make a meaningful enough difference to keep this from being an evacuation plan rather than a voyage of discovery.

Step 6:  Support Each Other

UN Global Goals

Sept 2015

"The 193-Member United Nations General Assembly today formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, along with a set of bold new Global Goals, which Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed as a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world."

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